a poetry minute

All religions, all this singing, one song.
A response to Rumi.

All religions, yearning for warm bathing light,
minds tantalized by the ecstasy of Sophia’s embrace,
hearts blind to Allah’s tender kiss, all religions.
Grasping wildly in the cold shackles of shadow,
all religions, your Father waits within you,
but you are deaf, for all this singing.

All this singing, hearts bound in animosity,
tongues of fury united in a song of ignorance,
rousing pools of sorrow, all this singing.
If only God’s children would join in dulcet tones,
all this singing, divined by Adonai for lovers’ lips,
to mingle together in succulent truth, one song.

One song flows through the hearts of men,
liquid passion for life and light,
souls married in the quest for truth, one song.
Stop this spectacle of blood-soaked earth,
one song, Mazda calling you home,
all become one in purpose, not name.

©2010 Claire Karoly


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