black artist

i took a jaunt over to the art gallery on campus, and this lovely list graced the wall of the gallery coordinator’s office (btw, the gallery coordinator is super awesome – love her style):

credit: keri smith

  1. constantly compare yourself to other singers: guilty. i do it all the time. usually leads to singer’s depression, especially when comparing to famous singers, which is just silly and futile.
  2. talk to your family about what you do and expect them to cheer you on: this isn’t really a problem for me anymore. when i first decided to study music instead of biology, there was a fit of hesitation from the family, but once they realized that’s what i really wanted to do, they did cheer me on (even though i’m fated to live in a cardboard box and eat top ramen – luckily i’ve remedied that for the time being with a good day job that i actually enjoy).
  3. base the success of your entire career on one note/song/mistake/recital/performance/rehearsal: oh i am so good at this. i have one bad performance and i instantly believe i could never be successful. lucky me.
  4. stick with what you know: now i really deviate from this one, partly because i really don’t know anything! i’m all over the place as far as repertoire is concerned, and i’d really like to be a “mixed genre” artist. i have fingers in classical, musical theatre, rock, cabaret, and in those categories, many other pies.
  5. undervalue your expertise: geez, it’s like this woman was thinking of me when she wrote this. i really need to stop doing this one. bad bad bad claire!
  6. let money dictate what you do: if anything i’d half underline this. if i’d let money dictate what i do, i wouldn’t have majored in music in  the first place. but, it’s a valid concern. i’d like to hope though that i wouldn’t pass up something i’d love to do just because there isn’t enough money in it.
  7. bow to societal pressures: again, i would have stayed with biology if this was a problem. since high school, i’ve been pretty big on being my own person, and that last thing i wanted to do was become what society wanted me to be. and so now i’m a singer. and, ironically, somehow society seems to be okay with that.
  8. only do work that your family would love: hehehehehehehehehehehehe…
  9. do whatever the client/company/director/patron/etc. asks: i haven’t really run into this problem yet as i’m a fledgling singer.
  10. set unachievable/overwhelming goals. to be accomplished by tomorrow: everything i expect of and for my voice is reasonable. expecting it to happen overnight is not, and that’s where i cause myself a lot of unnecessary grief. time to cut that out.

so, i’m doing a fairly good job of not being a miserable singer. maybe i can un-underline a couple of these items in the next year?


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