bike ms: waves to wine day one

6:52 a.m.: waiting with erica and nancy at the start! pumped up and ready to go!

7:15ish a.m.: start!


7:50 a.m.: we stopped just before the golden gate bridge for the obligatory photo op! the ride through the city was wonderful: a tour of the ballpark, embarcadero, and the marina. it reminds you just how wonderful it is to live in the bay area!


8:30 a.m.: sausalito is gorgeous! we’re at our first rest stop and my bladder is very happy now! and fooooood – nom nom nom! 15 miles!

10:20 a.m. we’re at our second rest stop in stinson beach! not staying long. we rode by a bad accident – from what i’ve gathered a woman had a seizure on her bike and crashed, and needed cpr. good thoughts for her …

11:38 a.m. we’re over halfway done! 43.2 miles! this is when the pain starts to set in – my lower back is getting tight and i have a pain in my left shoulder near my neck. i must be holding tension there.

one of the awesome things about this ride is the camaraderie you have with total strangers. people are so cheerful, and i keep getting complements on my mismatched argyle knee socks!


we got to ride through the trees yet again, but uphill. that’s one of those things: it sucks cuz it’s uphill but it rocks because you’re surrounded by nature and you’re in the shade. overall, you get to conquer a hill and enjoy it! i finally took a pic.


time to re-apply sunscreen!

1:15 p.m.: they make you work for your lunch! i remembered that we went downhill to lunch last year, so every time we went up a hill and down i got excited, and then we had to do another hill! when i sped up, rich said, “claire must smell food!” we were so famished so lunch was tasty! we had done 57 miles!

3:30ish: we skipped the last rest stop because we were ready to be done! the last 15 miles were kind of hot and i had a cramp in my midsection – lame. one of the volunteers called me “red.” 🙂 🙂 🙂 i’m getting that a lot lately and i love it! even though i was hurting, i felt like this year was so much easier than last year. we’ll see how tomorrow goes. 😉 for now, i’m getting beer.


oh, and nancy and i had to stop in a really inconvenient place to get a picture in front of this bus. that bus is a special place for us!


day one strava info:


One thought on “bike ms: waves to wine day one

  1. I hope the cyclist that crashed is okay. Good thing that this is an organized event with people available to help. Continue to enjoy your ride.

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