bike ms: waves to wine day two

5:45 a.m.: i’m up for another day of cycling. my bed sucked so i’m not sure how well i slept, but i’m psyched to get in another good day of riding! i’m curious to see how day two compares to last year since they changed the route. the potholes were horrific last year, especially on some of the descents. ok, i’m chamois buttered up, protected with sunscreen (let’s hope) – time to go!


7:48 a.m.: start! we had a fab breakfast of bagels, cream cheese and breakfast burritos, took team photos and took off! rich and i are in for the long haul; everyone else is doing 50.

8:38 a.m.: first rest stop, 11 miles in. i caught on the tail of three guys and we went at a good clip for a few miles (bike karma: let some draft off of me later). the start is always awkward because the roads are bumpy and riddled with potholes. but then we reached the first rest stop and i realized we’re doing last year’s route backwards (at least for now). we also did a hill from the end of yesterday’s route.

9:31 a.m.: it’s comforting that we’re doing last year backwards because i’m going places knowing what happened last year and feeling good about how i’m doing. “oh that’s where i dropped my chain.” “that’s where i had that breathing attack. right now i’m feeling fabulous, and not like i rode 75 miles yesterday (except for this saddle riding up my tush). we were behind a guy and gal for a few minutes talking about the route and naming the cows. dolly, daisy …


10:40ish: came into rest stop three. we weren’t going to stop here but i lost rich and i’m hoping to regroup with him! in the meantime, i made a new friend from the mitzvah milers team and we rode a few miles together talking about beer, the ride, work, live music and the bay area. and i’m still getting complements on my socks! now i’m enjoying a treat.


12:30 p.m.: my plan to regroup with rich derailed; he blew by the rest point per our original plan. luckily i figured that may have happened so i left and found out around mile 40 that he was three miles ahead of me. so i worked my tail off trying to catch up, and passed the rest stop rich had stopped at. and then, the hills came. common theme in the two routes: you have to do a few hills to earn your lunch. i pulled into lunch, almost 55 miles in, a couple of minutes after rich. pb&j is amazing on a ride!

last year we joked that waves to wine was really waves to cows because we went by more farmland than wine country. but this year, due to the altered day two route, while rich was missing i rode by miles and miles of vineyards. 🙂

last 20 miles coming up!


2:25 p.m.: done! more later – but now, i crash!

final comments: unlike saturday, i was pretty hungry right after the ride, so i refueled with tri tip, beans, pasta and this tasty angel food cupcake thing. we were listening to the band and the guy next to me started joking about the band’s lack of a drummer (they just had a drum machine). turns out he’s a musician and i sing in a band, so we had a lot to chat about! always good to meet new people through a ride. 🙂

so, verdict on the day two route? much better! overall, the road conditions were better (of course, you can’t avoid bumps and potholes in the rural parts of sonoma county), the climbing was easier and the scenery was amazing. good job bike ms folks!

two years down: here we come year three! and next year, my team, the ministry of silly cyclists, is going to be legit: we’ll at least have team jerseys!



strava info day two:


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