a couple of weeks ago i had a voice lesson meltdown. those suck balls in the moment cuz that awful voice in your head tells you that you’re worthless, your voice is worthless and you’re never going to get anywhere. and you’re crying and you don’t exactly know why, except that everything feels wrong, and […]


today marks the beginning of the end of a journey i’ve been on for a little over a month. today, cleopatra, caesar and ptolemy take the checkerboard stage to bring my vision to life. rewind to spring break. we (we being the mfa and senior bfa stufents) had been told at the beginning of the […]

black artist

i took a jaunt over to the art gallery on campus, and this lovely list graced the wall of the gallery coordinator’s office (btw, the gallery coordinator is super awesome – love her style): credit: keri smith constantly compare yourself to other singers: guilty. i do it all the time. usually leads to singer’s depression, […]

my inner renée

i’m in the middle of practicing and i’m crying (again). i feel like all i do lately is walk on eggshells. eggshells at work, eggshells in practice, eggshells in my lessons. pretty much the only place i feel OK at the moment is curled up on the couch or in bed. i cry in my […]

claire karoly: reflections

each semester for vocal performance class i have to prepare a self-evaluation. this time i had a little fun and used a template for a program (i.e. program for a musical performance, etc.) for my evaluation, complete with pretty fonts and pictures. it is available for your viewing pleasure below. all pictures by richard rossi. […]


It’s important to encourage musicians. One gets the maximum out of singers by not insulting them. There’s no excuse for nastiness. For example, if a soprano leaves a production crying, or with a nervous breakdown, it’s just bad manners on a conductor’s part. Sometimes I get very angry when I see or hear about that. […]