this is who i am.

something phenomenal happened a couple of weeks ago. i opened my eyes and realized that i’m an opera singer. seems pretty basic, i know. but my identity as a singer is something i’ve struggled with majorly since i decided to study music in college, and even more so in the last couple of years as […]


to continue the postings from the past, here are some selections i’ve deemed important from my previous blogs… to begin, a full entry from back in february… so last night i had the good fortune to attend a recital at the mondavi center in davis, ca. i had been looking forward to last night for […]


i’ve decided that it would be fitting to post selections from my past blogs (bloodywickedclaire on and sonolamiacanzone on blogger). therefore, onward ho to the poetry!!! body and mind, one, two, and three all written summer 2005. untitled written my sophomore year of high school for an english class. the cannibalistic coroner was written […]

a few musings

a couple of my thoughts for the day… in response to a classmates remarks concerning education of empathy, and how many successful individuals are not empathetic… This makes me ask, “What is success?” Society can have some pretty screwed up ideas about who is successful. I think that a person can be very successful by […]